Styrax resinoid Essential Oil – Maienfelser

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Liquidambar orientalis

Origin: Turkey

Plant part: resin

Production: steam distillation

Quality: Conventional

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Styrax Resinoid Essential Oil

Styrax Resinoid Essential Oil is a thick, light amber colored substance. The aroma of Styrax is light, resinous, bitter-balsamic with nuances of the smell of expensive leather. When diluted, it is reminiscent of oud in the upper notes, and fading embers can be heard in the base notes. In contrast to Styrax Absolue, there are slightly sweet notes.

Because of its thick consistency, it comes in bottles with a spatula.

After the botanical name of the plant, styrax essential oil is also known as oriental liquidambar essential oil.

On the physical level, Styrax has an expectorant, regenerating and strengthening effect. Emotionally grounds, balances, warms and hugs it.

In esoteric practices, it helps to immerse yourself in deep meditation and to establish a connection to the Akashic records.

Harmonious combinations: sensual flower, wood or herbal oils, herbs
Application: Aroma lamps, aroma fountains, massage oils, creams, for baths, in sensual perfumes.

Before external and internal use, please consult specialist books, a doctor or aromatherapist.

Styrax absolute:
Physical effect: anti-inflammatory. wound healing, fungicidal, skin regenerating, disinfecting. Helps with: cuts, small injuries, sore throats, toothaches and more.

Emotional effect: Relaxing, harmonizing, calming, mood-enhancing, helps with: restlessness, stress, nervousness, insomnia, depression, etc.

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Maienfelser Naturkosmetik

Maienfelser Naturkosmetik kaufen


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styrax resinoid maienfelser

Styrax resinoid Essential Oil - Maienfelser

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