Oud agarwood essential oil 100% Maienfelser

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Oud Agarwood Essential Oil 100%

Legal and with Cites certification. From Laos plantation cultivation: Oud agarwood essential oil 100% – sustainably grown and produced. Very focused and strong.

Aquillaria crassna- very rare.

The Agarwood tree ( Aquilaria malaccensis ), also Agar tree and engl. Agarwood , Aloeswood called, provides a sought-after wood, which among other things as Paradise- , Rose , Aloe- , Agalhole wood , Oud agarwood or Calambac referred to as. It is an extremely rare and valuable smoking wood that is available in Southeast Asia and Northeast India.

Also the woods of some other Southeast Asian species from the Thymelaeaceae family, especially the genera Aquilaria and Gyrinops are named and used the same, e.g. B. from Aquilaria crassna

Goes well with: Rose, incense , Myrrh, cassia, cinnamon, tolu, clove, oakmoss, vetiver

Uses of Oud Agarwood Essential Oil 100%:

In the fragrance lamp, for sensual massage and body oils, for inner gathering and ceremonies.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Physical effect: Antispasmodic, lymphatic system decongestant, helps with: varicose veins, venous problems, around

Emotional effect: Balancing, relaxing, calming, nerve-strengthening, sexually stimulating, mood-enhancing, um


Agarwood, aloe wood, oud agarwood, or gharuwood is a fragrant dark resin wood that is used in incense, perfume, and small carvings. It is formed in the heartwood of Aquilaria trees when they become infected with a type of mold (Phialophora parasitica). Before infection, the heartwood is odorless, relatively light and pale in color; However, as the infection progresses, the tree produces a dark aromatic resin known as aloe (not to be confused with aloe ferox, the succulent plant known as bitter algae) or agar (not to be confused with the edible agar made from algae), as well as gaharu, jinko, oud or Oodh Aguru (not to be confused with Bukhoor) in response to the attack resulting in a very dense, dark heartwood embedded in resin.

The wood embedded in resin is valued in the Indian-Northeastern culture for its unmistakable scent and is therefore used for incense and perfumes. It is believed that his name has primarily Sanskrit origins and was formed from “Aguru”. The aromatic properties of agar wood are influenced by the species, geographical location, branch, stem and root origin, the length of time since infection, and harvesting and processing methods.

Only about 10% of the wild resources are infested, but the overexploitation was negligible.

Uninfected Aquilaria wood without dark resin
One of the main reasons for the relative rarity and high cost of agar wood is the depletion of wildlife resources. Since 1995, Aquilaria malaccensis, the main source, has been listed in Appendix II (Potentially Endangered Species) of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. In 2004 all Aquilaria species were listed in Appendix II. However, some countries still have open reservations about this listing.

Premium agar wood is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world, with 2010 prices for superior virgin material of up to $ 100,000 / kg. Although in practice adulterations of wood and oil are common, which allows prices as low as US $ 100 / kg. There is a whole range of qualities and products on the market, the quality of which is based on many criteria. The geographical location, as well as the botanical species. In addition, the age of the tree, the deposition and the section of the tree from which the piece of agar wood originates. The current global market for agar wood is estimated at 6 to 8 billion US dollars and is growing rapidly.

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Oud Agarwood Essential Oil 100%

Oud agarwood essential oil 100% Maienfelser

107,50 "*"

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