Lemon Mint Essential Oil Neumond

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Top note / Refreshing

Mentha citrata

mild mint with citrus notes

for aromatherapy, Ayurveda, cosmetics, perfumery

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Lemon Mint Essential Oil 5ml

Lemon Mint Essential Oil – fresh, mild aroma with mint and citrus notes stimulates, increases motivation, refreshes, balances, improves mood, helps to increase self-confidence, helps with mental exhaustion, balances hypersensitive people, helps to see events in their true light, helps to accept love.

It is also the only type of mint that is very suitable for children because it does not contain menthol. The main ingredient is monoterpenol. It has a strengthening and balancing effect on the nervous and immune systems, as well as on the cardiovascular system.

Thanks to its caring and regenerating properties, lemon mint essential oil is perfect for all skin types. Like lavender, it can be applied undiluted. It also has anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effects, which are especially effective against dandruff and itchy scalp. Just add up to 5 drops of lemon balm essential oil for every 100 ml of mild shampoo.

German name: Bergamotteminze

Latin name: Mentha citrata

Production method: Steam distillation from a flowering plant

Country of origin: India

Fragrant note: Upper

Aroma type: Uplifting

Aroma profile: Soft mint, fresh, with a light citrus note

Impact: balances, improves mood, gives vigor and energy, clarifies the mind.

Harmonious combinations: Citrus, pine oils, herbal esters. It is also wonderful as a mono aroma.

Application: in aroma lamps, aroma fountains, for air freshening, in cosmetics, in personal hygiene products, for baths, in body oils, for saunas.

Manufacturer: Neumond Germany

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Lemon Mint Essential Oil Neumond

Lemon Mint Essential Oil Neumond

7,90 "*"