Myrtle Moroccan essential oil bio Neumond

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Neumond Germany

Top-Heart Note / Refreshing

Myrtus communis

fresh clear aroma

for aromatherapy, Ayurveda, cosmetics, perfumery

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Moroccan myrtle essential oil bio 5ml

Moroccan myrtle essential oil – high in Myrtenylacetat. Fresh, green, clear aroma, yet softer than traditional Turkish or priced myrtle. More skin friendly and also in therapy for children. In addition to the traditional combinations of the fragrance, its menthol and eucalyptus notes with a distant sound of violet add an unexpected sound to floral and sweet compositions. Beautiful rich and versatile aroma.

The Myrtle plant is often referred to as the “Unknown Myrtle” In ancient times, myrtle was dedicated to Aphrodite and is still a popular component of wedding bouquets. It is an evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean. In myrtle, both leaves and berries are aromatic. Myrtle hydrolat “Eau d’anges” (Angelic water) gives the face a flawless color. In naturopathy, it is used for problems with the respiratory system, being a powerful expectorant and for problem skin. Strengthens the immune system, improves indoor air quality. On the way, it helps to maintain clarity of thought and concentration, avoid unnecessary emotions. Mixed with citrus and pine oils, it is well suited for the sauna.

Depending on the climate, soil and water, the plants form a unique mixture of active ingredients and aromas that determine the effect of this variety. These varieties are called chemotypes.

Turkish myrtle
50% oxides, 27% monoterpenes, esters, monoterpenols, sesquiterpenes and others

Moroccan myrtle
45% monoterpenes, 22% acetates, 17% oxides, sesquiterpenes and monoterpenols

Myrtle of the Andes
75% monoterpenes, 10% oxides, sesquiterpenes and other monoterpenols

Aroma Tip:

Massage oil Silence

2 drops of myrtle
3 drops of pink geranium
2 drops of myrrh

2 drops of Atlas cedar

mix with 50 ml almond oil

German name: Myrte bio

Latin name: Myrtus communis

Production method: Steam distillation from leaves and branches

Country of origin: Morocco – controlled organic farming

Fragrant note: Upper-Cardiac

Aroma type: Animating

Aroma profile: fresh, green, clear, soft, with menthol notes.

Impact: helps to think clearly and clearly, clears old grievances and disappointments, helps to dump the accumulated burden, strengthens intuition, harmonizes.

Harmonious combinations: lavender, rosemary, clary sage, pine and citrus esters.

Application: in aroma lamps, aroma fountains, in inhalants and compresses, in anti-cold sprays and balms, in massage and care mixtures.

Dosage: add no more than 20 drops per 50 ml of base to skin care products.

Manufacturer: Neumond Germany


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Myrtle Moroccan essential oil bio Neumond

Myrtle Moroccan essential oil bio Neumond

9,90 "*"