Mairose Absolue Essential Oil of Farfalla

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Biological name: Pink centifolia

Plant part: flower

Manufacture: Solvent extraction

Origin: Morocco


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The Mairose belongs to the family of the centifoils and is a breeding . Zentifolie, Provence-Rose but also called Kohl-Rose, Probably developed in Holland in the 16th century by breeding. The original form Rosa centifolia L. originated in northern Greece or Asia Minor already inantiquity. It belongs to the old roses, is hardy and grows as smoke of up to 2m height, with many thorns.

It is said that she is the queen of the centifoils, as well as the flower of the kings, as well as the rose bourbon, rose Bulgarian and just like the rose Indian

To produce 1ltr essential oil it takes 500 – 800 kg of fresh flowers. The flowers cannot be destilized, but the oil is obtained by solvent extraction.

Roses Absolue mainly contains phenylethanol, such oils are very skin care and belong to the sensual group.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Helps with: heart problems, headaches, nervousness. Also convulsive, depression

Is: Antiseptic, antispasmodic, wound healing



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Mairose Absolue Essential Oil of Farfalla

Mairose Absolue Essential Oil of Farfalla

21,50 "*"

Out of stock