Lotus absolute essential oil 5% Neumond

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essential oil

Neumond Germany

Heart- base note / Harmonizing

for aromatherapy, Ayurveda, cosmetics, perfumery

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Lotus absolute essential oil 5% 5ml

Lotus absolute essential oil – warm, spicy, balsamic, exotic aroma. It is produced by the method of extraction from the Pink Lotus – a symbol of sensuality, purity and beauty. The whimsical scent of the lotus flower promotes relaxation and meditation. The lotus helps to let go of heavy thoughts, promotes a sense of peace and balance. Three drops of Lotus Absolute in a scented lamp spread a soothing atmosphere after a busy day and help release heavy thoughts. As a bath additive, lotus oil dissolves tension and promotes deep and healthy sleep.

German name: Lotus Absolue 5% in Bio-Weingeist, 5 ml

Latin name: Nelumbo nucifera / N speciosum

Production method: flower extracts

Country of origin: India

Fragrant note: Heart-Base Note

Aroma type: Harmonizing

Aroma profile: spicy, warm, balsamic, exotic, floral, seductive.

Impact: relaxes and soothes, restores inner balance, strengthens the nerves, brings joy, hope and self-confidence, a guarantee of well-being.

Harmonious combinations: with all essential oils

Application: in aroma lamps, aroma fountains, for air freshening, in cosmetics, for baths, in body oils, for meditation.


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Lotus absolute essential oil 5% Neumond

Lotus absolute essential oil 5% Neumond

15,90 "*"

Out of stock