Linden blossom abs. Essential oil

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Biological name: Tilia cordata

Plant part: Flowers

Manufacture: CO 2 Extraction

Origin: Bulgaria

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Linden blossom abs. Essential oil

The Linden blossom Abs. is relatively viscous to firm and smells pleasantly of flowers – flowery soft – but unfortunately does not have the typical linden flower smell, which distinguishes it significantly from other flower scents. Best used in alcohol dilution.

Linden blossom abs. is obtained from the flowers of the winter lime. The winter linden – also stone linden or scientifically Tilia cordata (Latin for “heart-leaved linden” or “heart”)[blatt] Linden “) called – is a species of linden ( Tilia ) in the subfamily of the linden family ( Tilioideae ) within the mallow family (Malvaceae). The Small-leaved lime was the tree of the year 2016 in Germany. The Small-leaved lime is a deciduous deciduous tree that can reach heights of up to 40 meters and will be up to 1000 years old. Winter lime is widely used in Europe. However, its area extends beyond Europe to the Caucasus and west Siberia. It is mainly found in the low mountains, in the northern lowlands it is rarer.

Linden wood is mainly used in sculpture, carving and turning. For example, the use of Linden wood in German sculpture was particularly common in late Gothic, for example by Tilman Riemenschneider or Veit Stoß. But even in much later times, lime wood was preferred as a material by sculptors, for example by Ludwig Schwanthaler. Since statues of saints were often made of lime wood, it was considered “lignum sacrum” (Latin for “holy wood”

Never use undiluted! For cosmetic use on the skin, a dosage of max. 2 drops on 100 ml of fat vegetable base oil recommended and should not be exceeded. For use in aromatherapy, please consult appropriate specialist literature.

It is best to fix this wonderful fragrance in a skin care oil or a neutral cream base.

Our tip:Linden blossom abs. is also ideal for producing a personal oil-based perfume. Mix a hazelnut-sized piece of shea butter jojoba balm with 5 drops of lime blossom, apply thinly on the pulse points – the individual, harmoniously warm perfume is ready. Due to its different fragrance nuances, lime blossom can very well become a perfume on its own!

Linden blossom mixes well with other flower oils, citrus notes, ZB orange and soft wood notes like Cedar.

In the fragrance lamp, it is recommended to combine the lime blossom with another oil, as it is a little too light for room scenting on its own.

Our recommendation:
6 Tr. Linden blossom 10, 3 tr. Vanilla Extract, 1 Tr. Add blood orange to the fragrance lamp – easy to feel good and enjoy.

Ingredients: Monoterpenols, esters, sesquiterpenes and other

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Linden blossom abs. Essential oil

Linden blossom abs. Essential oil

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