Lemon myrtle organic essential oil from Farfalla

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Botanical name: Backhousia citriodora

Quality: contr. organic farming

Certification: Ecocert, France / International

Origin: Australia

Plant part: herb

Production method: steam distillation

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Lemon myrtle organic essential oil
Lemon myrtle essential oil smells deliciously of lemon candy.

Often called simply tea tree, the Zitronenmyrte belongs to the myrtle family. In the English-speaking world it is known as lemon myrtle. The Australian evergreen shrub thrives mainly in the continental rainforests of New South Wales or Queensland. The tree that bears the valuable leaves is up to six meters high. The leaves are up to 40 millimeters long and five millimeters wide.

In its native Australia, some aromatherapists consider this oil to be more helpful in its antibacterial effect than tea tree oil – but it has to be diluted a lot because it can irritate the skin. One percent lemon myrtle oil is a fresh and effective ingredient in a homemade deodorant. Its fine citrus fragrance has a high mood factor.

Please consult specialist books, a doctor or an aromatherapist before using the product internally.

A study impressively showed that its use against Dell warts (Molluscum contagiosum), which mainly affect schoolchildren, is very advantageous *. Because of the antiseptic effect against viruses, it is an ideal oil in the fragrance lamp in times of flu. It is also recommended to support renovation in the event of fungal infestation in rooms. But in the end, the wonderful fragrance is simply bewitching – a sunshine-in-the-bottle that many antiseptic oils cannot compare with.

Please note: If overdosed, skin irritation may occur, especially if the oil is older than about two years.

The aborigines of Australia used the plant as tea for its health-promoting effects. When the delicate leaves are crushed, they give off an inimitable lemon aroma because they are rich in essential oils.

Lore reports that James Cook already knew about the health-promoting effects of the herb during his journey to Australia in 1770 and that lemon myrtle tea was given to his crew for scurvy. Today’s knowledge indicates that the myrtle plant has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The effect of the lemon myrtle successfully treats throat infections, bronchitis or similar cold symptoms in the form of teas. In addition, the herb calms the gastrointestinal tract when feeling full and in case of flatulence.

The medicinal effectiveness of myrtle plants, whose essential oils are found in tea tree oil, is very well known. Applied to the skin, lemon myrtle improves skin irritation, relieves insect bites or is used for inhaling against headaches or as a bath additive for relaxation.

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Lemon myrtle organic essential oil from Farfalla

Lemon myrtle organic essential oil from Farfalla

17,90 "*"