Lavender Himalaya Kashmir essential oil from Oshadhi

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Botanical name: Lavand. angustifolia ssp. angust.

Plant part: Flower risps

Manufacture: Water vapour destilation

Origin: India / Kashmir

Quality: conttr. bio

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Lavender Himalayan Cashmere Essential Oil

Lavandula officinalis, commonly known as true lavender, is a commercially grown species in the Lamiaceae (Labiateae) family. Lavender is a hardy, temperate plant that grows well in well-chilled temperatures and moderately warm summers, and requires minimal watering. Areas without the effects of winter with high temperatures are not suitable for cultivation. Because lavender grows best in Kashmir’s agro-climatic conditions, at least one or two waterings are required during the rain-free period. The oil is valuable for its wide range of uses, including its antiseptic and bacteriocidal properties. High flower yield and oil content (1.0-1.2%) suggest that the Kashmir Valley in India is a suitable place for this industry to start up. The Indian Institute for Integrative Medicine Jammu and its branch in Srinagar (formerly Regional Research Laboratory) have developed a variety with a high oil content and an excellent quality profile. It is now labeled as Kashmir Lavender in the international market and is great for temperate conditions in Kashmir. Due to the development of agro-technology, Himalayan lavender produced in Pulwama, Kashmir, meets international standards and is regularly sold to the perfume industry. (Website Kashmir)

Lavender was introduced to the agroclimatic conditions of India in 1957. The Kashmir Valley was viewed as a favorable zone for its establishment and much of the success goes to Sir Col. RN Chopra. Programs of expansion and improvement regarding lavender followed, but at a very slow pace due to various complications. ..

Lavender Himalayas mixes well with Neroli , Oranges,Geranium, pine, clary sage, peppermint, Palo Santo , Silver fir, Swiss stone pine

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Lavender belongs in every medicine cabinet! It is one of the few oils that can also be applied pure.
Help physically: Diseases of the respiratory organs, ear, headache and migraine. It also helps with bloating, diarrhea, nausea, depressive moods, depression, insomnia, nervousness. It also helps with palpitations, rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, menstrual problems. Finally, also in abscesses, acne, skin inflammation, wounds, insect bites, burns, sunburn, muscle strains, sore muscles, sprains, rheumatism, sciatica.
Help emotionally: Solves fears and soothes. Calming and is stress-relieving, mood-enhancing, strengthens the nerves, reduces tensions, also helps with insomnia and irritability. In addition, in depressive moods, imbalance, anxiety and stress
Main ingredients: linalyl acetate, camphor, cineole and linalool.
(INCI) Linalyl acetate, Linalool, Lavandulol, Neryl, Geranyl

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Lavender Himalaya FROM CASHMERE

Lavender Himalaya Kashmir essential oil from Oshadhi

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