Jasmine abs “auri” The special essential oil

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Offered. Name: Jasminum auriculatum

Origin: India

Plant part: Flowers

Extraction: Hexan extraction of flowers

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Jasmine abs “auri”

Jasminum auriculatum is a genus of plants in the Oleaceae family. From the flowers of this species the jasmine abs “auri” is produced. It is common in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Andaman Islands. Due to the essential oil contained in the flowers, it was grown commercially in India and Thailand. It is commonly referred to in India as “JUI” in the languages Odia and Bengali.

The jasmine flowers are harvested by hand at night or in the early morning before the sun rises to get the greatest possible amount of essential oil out of the flowers.

From 1,000 kg of jasmine flowers (that is 8 million flowers) you get about 1 ltr. Absolue.

Jasmine is sungen as Queen of the Night or Queen of Flowers, there are countless depictions of Jasmine in connection with love scenes. Jasmin eats with love and eroticism. Jasmine oil is probably one of the oils most associated with femininity and sensuality – it is also called the oil of eroticism, because it has a very beguiling effect. It is therefore hardly surprising that this oil is contained in perfumes, which are supposed to be particularly beguiling.

But it has many other, enormous features:

Jasmine has a long-lasting aroma and is so strong that a drop in a 30 ml mixture is enough for a massage, for example.

Jasmine has a special place in skin care and it is often used for dry, sensitive skin. It can be added to creams, oils, shampoos and face masks. Or you can also add it to a relaxing bath.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Jasmine oil is pro-natal, therefore do not take during pregnancy.

Jasmine abs “auri”:

Effect physical:

Antispasmodic, cross pain, menstrual disorders, muscle spasms, back, limb and muscle pain, impotence, frigidity, birth preparation, menstrual problems, menopause symptoms, sleep disorders, depressive moods, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, skin inflammation, dry skin or psychological skin problems. Skin diseases, headache, antispasmodic, cross pain, painful menstrual bleeding, etc.

Jasmine oil has an almost legendary effect on the female genital organs, so this oil relieves the discomfort in problems with the uterus and helps with menstrual disorders, no matter what kind they are. Oil is still used in obstetrics today due to this effect on the uterus

Mental effect
Opens the heart. Calms the nerves, Lifts the mood, Opens the gates for sensual experience.Solves blockages.Facilitates the handling of fears.Aphrodisiac,triggers emmungen. Relieves in depression.,Reduces anxiety.,Increases confidence in oneself.,Creates a feeling of optimism.,Distributes indifference.


Aroma bath blend:
1 drop of jasmine
2 drops of vetiver or sandalwood
1 drop of orange
Add this mixture to half a cup of milk and then place in a full bath

Aroma bath blend:
1 drop of jasmine
1 drop of vetiver or sandalwood
2 drops of orange
Add this mixture to half a cup of milk and then place in a full bath

Fragrance lamp
The Queen of the Night, as Jasmine is called in India, stimulates sensuality. Let this light, vibrating fragrance inspire your imagination and turn your bedroom into a temple of love.
Ingredients: 2 drops of jasmine, 2 drops of rose and 4 drops of linaloe wood

With depression, anxiety and nervous exhaustion, Jasmin increases self-confidence, makes you optimistic and triggers mental cramps.
Ingredients: 3 drops of jasmine, 2 drops of iris and 3 drops of bergamot

For a sensual massage oil, 2 drops of jasmine abs “auri” on 50 ml of base oil are sufficient.

Another recipe for the senses is this:
Ingredients: 2 drops of jasmine sambac, 2 drops of rose, 2 drops of bergamot and 6 drops of sandalwood on 50 ml of base oil.

Ingredients: Jasminum auriculatum oil.
– Linalool, farnesol, geraniol, eugenol (natural ingredients of the ether. oil.)

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Jasmine abs. "auri" Essential Oil

Jasmine abs "auri" The special essential oil

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