Iris Root 1 Essential Oil Neumond

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Botanical name: (Iris pallida)

Plant part: Fermented roots

Manufacture: Destilation

Origin: Italy


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The bleaching iris (Irispallida) is 50 to 80 cm tall . Flowering time is between May and June. Irispallida (Dalmatian iris or sweet iris) is a hardy, persistent plant of the genus Iris. It is originally found from northeastern Italy to the northwestern Balkan Peninsula. It is a member of the subgenus Iris, which means that it is a BartIris and grows from a rhizome.

“The best recipe for health is to give the brain sweet scents,” the ancient Greeks said.

This flower was named after the Greek goddess Iris – the goddess of the rainbow.

It is now cultivated in many ways, including perfume production in Italy and France.

The essential oil is one of the most expensive oils besides rose oil and jasmine oil,

Approx.700-1000kg.Roots are for 1ltr. essential oil. The price arises because the yield during production is very small. So you need 100 kg of roots to get 100 g of oil. In addition, the cost of the iris plants during growth is very high. The roots must be deposited for up to three years in order to be processed further.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

The effect on the soul is: Balancing, relaxing, psychologically strengthening, also helps with depressive mood, and many more.

The effect physically: Mucousagent, skin regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, etc.

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Iris root. It is an essential oil like water, air, fire and earth - universal and universal! A very strong fragrance - of a very precious essential oil.

Iris Root 1 Essential Oil Neumond

8,50 "*"