Himalayan Cedar Wild Collection Farfalla essential oil

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Biological name: Cedrus deodora

Plant part: wood

Production: steam distillation

Origin: Nepal

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Himalayan cedar wild collection
The Himalayan cedar is lat. Cedrus deodora – from Nepal to Afganistan and grows at heights of 1200-3000m. It belongs to the pine family (Pinaceae). The cedar is also evergreen and grows up to 35m high.

The Himalayan cedar is not as strong and expansive as your sister the Atlas cedar. The extreme altitude and strong light influence can be seen in the scent; it is sweeter and more intense than the scent of the Atlas cedar, the properties of the essence are comparable.

This essential oil is gentle and provides protection and security.

From about 33kg of wood you get 1ltr. Volatile oil

.Please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist before use.

Mental: generally strengthening, body and mind harmonizing, also relaxing and calming.

Physically: wound healing, skin regenerating, disinfecting, also antipyretic, hypotensive and more.

Contents: 80% sesquiterpenes, 5% sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpenols and oxides

Warning: which plant is in an essential oil bottle is not the German name, but the botanical name.

Of the four cedar species worldwide (Cedrus atlantica, Atlas cedar; Cedrus brevifolia, Cyprus cedar; Cedrus deodora, Himalayan cedar and Cedrus libani, Lebanon cedar), only the Atlas cedar and the Himalayan cedar are used for essential oil production. Only their essential oils have the mode of action described in the literature.

The essential oil of the famous Lebanon cedar has not been commercially available for a century because it is a protected tree population of only about 400 trees.

Most of the wood is also used by other plants, such as the Chinese juniper (Juniperus chinensis) Virginia-Juniperus virginiana or Texas cedar-Juniperus mexicana, and the entire Thuja species, such as. B. Thuja orientalis (the oriental tree of life) or Thuja occidentalis (western tree of life), incorrectly referred to as cedar. These plants have absolutely nothing to do with the cedars and belong to a completely different family of plants, namely the cypress plants. the oil has different ingredients and effects on body, mind and soul than the real cedar oil. If the dosage and application are incorrect, allergic reactions are possible.

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Himalayan cedar wild collection. Harmonious, pleasant and soft in fragrance.This oil conveys protection and security.In meditations, this oil finds our mental powers and promotes intuition.

Himalayan Cedar Wild Collection Farfalla essential oil

6,90 "*"