Gulab Attar Essential Oil- An Indian Tradition

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Biological name: Rosa damascena, Santalum album

Origin: India

Plant part: Flowers

Manufacture: Water dampdetilation

Ouality: Wild Collection

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Gulab-Attar Essential Oil Indian Rose with Sandalwood

From the Hindi {gulabi= = ROSE, from the Persian “atir perfumed”, from the Arabic”itr perfume”, the Arabic word “attar” means “aroma, smell”. Gulab-Attar.

Rose oil (Rose Otto, Attar of Rose, Attar of Roses or Rose Essence) is the essential oil obtained from the petals of various rose varieties. Rose attars are extracted by water vapour distillation, while rose absolutes are obtained by solvent extraction, with the absolute being used more frequently in perfumery.

Rose Indian
A very strong rose fragrance with a note of sandalwood. The scent stimulates the imagination and all the senses.

According to legend, it all started with Attara Gulab, a pink attar. Its discoverer was Empress Nurjan, wife of Emperor Jehangir of the Mughal dynasty. Legend has it that she loved bathing with pink petals. And once, when she was doing a morning bath, she was impressed by the aroma of a layer of oil on the surface of the water. The water cooled overnight and a layer of essential rose oil formed on its surface.

The production of attars is based on an Indian tradition that is about 200 years old. The difficult extraction of rare flower scents is often based on a secret recipe.

Transportable stills that are brought to the harvesting site are important here, so that even the most sensitive flowers can be processed freshly and quickly. The fire used to heat the distillation water must also be monitored extremely carefully. It must burn very evenly. For this purpose, dried cow dung is mostly used.

The flowers are distilled by water distillation- However, the condensed water and essential oils are not collected in an empty container, but in a container containing the five kilos of finished essential sandalwood oil. This collecting container stands in a cold water bath so that the sensitive Attar is not spoiled by unnecessary heat development. The same sandalwood oil can and should absorb the fragrances from several distillation processes. Here it can always be one type of flower: but carefully coordinated compositions of the can also do this different flowers.(Eliane Zimmerman)

The most famous are the attare of roses, henna flowers, marigolds, champaka, tuberose, vetiver, agarwood, lotus flowers and saffron.
There are several other attare produced according to traditional recipes, the exact composition of which is not publicly announced: these are special blends of herbs and spices that are endemic in India.
The aroma of attarene is so complex and complex. Sometimes, however, they can play a major role in the composition of oriental aromas.

Ingredients: gulab-attar oil.
– Citronellol, Geranial, Linalool, Farnesol, Eugenol, Citral (natural ingredients of the ether. oil)


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Gulab-Attar Essential Oil

Gulab Attar Essential Oil- An Indian Tradition

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