Elemi Essential Oil Neumond

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10 ml

Essential oil

Botanical name: Canarium luzonicum

Plant part: Distillation of the resenoid

Origin: France

Scent direction
Earthy, spicy, bright, woody, lemony


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Elemi (Canarium luzonicum)

also called Manilaelemi or Manilaelemibaum. The Elemi trees are balsamesis (Burseracerae) and reach up to 30m tall. From them, the resin is extracted as a raw material for oil production.Occurrence: In the tropics, especially in the Philippines.

The species is known there from the islands of Luzon, Alabat, Mindoro, as well as from Ticao, Masbate and Bohol. The species is found in primary tropical rainforests at low to medium altitudes. This tree is also closely related to incense and myrrh and has a typical natural resin in yellow color. When the resin comes into contact with the air, it solidifies.

To extract a litre of oil from Elemi you need 5kg of resin and bark.


Is preferred in the fragrance lamp, mixed equally with bergamot and sandalwood,used for internal collection and meditation. Considered a “light-bringing” fragrance.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Effect on the soul is: Refreshing, harmonizing, concentrating, psychologically strengthening, helps with depressive mood, and much more.

Effect physical: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory. It is the same. In addition, wound-healing, skin-regenerating, anti-virus and more.


Internal use of Elemi in respiratory infections, as well as bronchitis: Stir up to four drops of honey into a coffee spoon twice a day and dissolve in a glass of lukewarm water or herbal tea.


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Elemi. Gives balance and gives strength.Elemi oil is reminiscent of olibanum oil (incense) in the fragrance. It is known as a "light-carrying" fragrance - mixed with sandelhoz and bergamot a fantastic fragrance.

Elemi Essential Oil Neumond

6,50 "*"