Chrysanthemum absolue by Oshadhi

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Organic name: Chrysanthemum morifolium

Plant part: Flowers

Manufacture: Hexan extraction

Origin: China

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Chrysanthemum absolue

The chrysanthemum is a persevering, herbaceous plant or semi-shrub. It reaches a height of about 30 to 80 centimetres. It is part of the Asteraceae family. Chrysanthemum absolute is made from the flowers and about 1,000 kg of flowers make 1 kg of essential oil.

Their home is mainly East Asia (China, Korea, Japan). The chrysanthemum was grown in China for 3000 years in the 17th century. also known in Europe.

Through trading with the Far East, sought-after consumer goods, such as Chinese porcelain, came to Europe. Those who kept themselves surrounded themselves with exotic rarities. The chrysanthemum room in Sanssouci reflects this fashion in a splendid way. But only when enough breeding experience in handling this unknown plant was available did the chrysanthemum find its way into our gardens.

In Japan, the chrysanthemum has a special status. It is the symbol of the “Tenno” (Emperor). His throne is also known as the Chrysanthemum Throne, and the Chrysanthemum Order is the highest Japanese award.

In China, Korea, and Japan, chrysanthemum leaves are eaten as salad.

In TCM, chrysanthemums are of great importance and are used internally for liver problems, fever, headaches or visual problems. Externally, inflammatory skin diseases and wounds are treated. Preparations can cause allergic reactions.

The oil should be mood-enhancing, stimulating and also soothing. Confidence, strength and joie de vivre. It is also said to help with pain-itck-inflammation irritation.


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Chrysanthemum absolue.

Chrysanthemum absolue by Oshadhi

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