Boronia absolue Essential Oil of Oshadhi

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Biological name: Boronia megastigma

Plant part: Flowers

Manufacture: Solvent extraction

Origin: Australia


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Boronia absolue

Boroniamegastigmais a species of flowering plant in the Rutaceae family. Duftende Korallenraute It is native to southern Western Australia and stands out for its pleasant intense fragrance, extracting essential oils from the flowers. (Wikipedia)

The fragrant coral diamond grows as an upright, slender shrub, which reaches growth heights of up to 2 meters. All parts of the plant smell as they contain glands that produce the essential oils. The genus was named after the Italian plant collector F. Borone, who accompanied expeditions in the 18th century.

The Absolute is a precious oil. In late winter / pre-spring, the flowers have to be combed individually by the shrubs because of their delicate nature. The Absolute is a favorite in the perfume industry due to its incredible smell, and it is only a little necessary to enjoy its wonderful aroma. Boronia Absolute has an uplifting quality that will enrich the senses. This fantastic oil can be added to your favorite lotions, creams or plant therapy oils to create a moisturizing base that smells delicious! Due to the high cost of Boronia and the frequent adulteration, Boronia Absolute is not widely used in holistic aromatherapy.

There is very little serious information available about the therapeutic applications. Due to its high monoterpene content, the oil can act as a stimulant and may have a decongestant effect. Emotionally, it’s uplifting.

Similar to iris oil, it mainly contains ionon (and dodecylace tate).

In their Australian homeland, the main species – Boronia heterophylla and Boronia megastigma (Brown Coral Rough) – are popular as cut flowers. Until the mid-1990s, the stock at the natural site in the humid lowlands or at streams was exploited. Due to the constant demand and the need for standardization – not for reasons of species protection – cultivation began. Since then, special breeding programmes have been used to optimise both types of industrial production.


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Boronia known as Scented Coral Rough.The smell is simply dreamlike.- and precious

Boronia absolue Essential Oil of Oshadhi

110,00 "*"