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Botanical name: Betula pendula (B. verrucosa)

Origin: Russia

Stocktei: Wood

Manufacture: Dry distillation

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Birch tar Essential Oil ‘Juchtenöl’ Russian Balm ‘Goudron de bouleau’

Betula pendula (Syn.: Betula alba, Betula verrucosa) is a deciduous deciduous tree in the genus Betulaceae. It grows up to about 25 m in height and can reach 150 years of age. It has a white bark, however, which bursts with time and eats. The white color comes from the storage of betulin. This ingredient reflects the light. Therefore, the bark appears white. This property serves as a protective mechanism against the burning of the guts. The hanging birch is found mainly in coniferous forests of Siberia and Scandinavia. It has now spread throughout Europe. She loves nutrient-poor, dry sandy soils. It feels most comfortable between pines and oaks. The bark contains many active ingredients. Their special properties have been known for centuries. From the hanging birch (Betula pendula) the Birch Tar Essential Oil is obtained.

Traditionally, birch tar oil is used in many areas. Birch tar (Pix Betulinae) is used in:

Preparations made from birch tar are used in the first place. used in folk medicine for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases. In ointments, birch tar is also used for therapy in case of parasite infestation as well as dry lichens and dermatoses. Birch tar preparations can also cause undesirable irritation on the skin!

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.


5-10 in ointments and creams as well as in solutions and shaking mixtures.

Not for the aroma lamp

In the cosmetics industry, the oil is found as a component in various perfumes, skin and hair care products,as well as in various disinfectants. In Russia, the juchtenleather is treated with birch tar.

Obtained by dry distillation of the birch wood, with about 6 phenols such as guajacol, cresol, creosol, xylenol, etc. Not for the aroma lamp! It has a strange, penetrating – very smoky wood-tar smell. Be careful when dealing! Fits well : spicy scents like juniper.

Ingredients: Betula pentula oil.

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Birch tar Essential Oil

Birch tar Essential Oil Order/Buy

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