Birch bark essential oil of Oshadhi

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BOTANIC NAME: Betula lenta

WINNING: Water vapour distillation


BACKGROUND: Russian Federation

CULTURE: Wild Collection

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Birch bark essential oil

The up to 100 species are present in large parts of the northern hemisphere, in Europe, in North America (especially on their east coasts) and in Asia as far as Japan. The distribution area of the sugar birch (Betula lenta) is located in the province of Ontario in the east of Canada and in several sub-states in the northeast and southeast of the USA also in Russia. The birch and especially the birch bark is used for many things (more). The birch bark essential oil is obtained from the bark of the sugar birch (Betula lenta).

The birch bark has recently been tested in numerous scientific studies. It has been shown to promote healing on damaged skin, anti-inflammatory and itching-relieving. Particularly good results can be expected in damaged skin due to sunlight (actinic keratosis), neurodermatitis, foot and nail fungus or psoriasis.

Birch oil should never be applied pure, as the oil has a strong irritant effect on our skin. Therefore, if you want to apply the oil externally, you should dilute it with a suitable carrier oil. Simply add 4-5 drops of birch oil to 10 ml of a carrier oil and then apply the mixture. If you want to use the oil against dandruff or too dry scalp, you can simply add a few drops to your shampoo.

If you want to take birch oil orally, it is recommended to mix it with some honey, as birch oil tastes very bitter. If you want to use birch oil as a classic fragrance oil, you can simply heat it in its pure form in a fragrance lamp or diffuser.

Attention: Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

DUFTCOMBINATIONS: Combines well with all essential oils, ideal with conifers, juniper,oregano, peppermint, ylang ylang, thyme and vanilla

There are a total of 3 different types of essential oils that can be extracted from birch trees. They differ in the method of production, the ingredients and the plant parts from which the oils are obtained:

  • Birch bark essential oil: The actual birch oil is obtained from the bark of the sugar birch by water vapor distillation. The oil is slightly yellowish to transparent and smells fine balsamic. Its main ingredient is methyl salicylate with a total content of over 99.
  • Birch tar oil: Birch tar oil is extracted from the so-called birch tar – a precursor of birch pitch. The oil is produced in a classic distillation. It is a dark brown liquid and smells slightly terpentine-like. Its main active ingredients are phenol, cresol, betulin, xylenol, brenzcatechin and guajacol
  • Birch bud oil: This oil is extracted in Northern Europe from the dried buds of the hanging birch. Its most effective ingredients are betulin, terpenes and caryophyllene

IMPORTANT COMPONENTS/INCIS: Methyl salicylates, ethyl salicylates, 1,8-cineol

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Birch bark essential oil of Oshadhi

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