Honeycomb Extract Essential Oil of Farfalla

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5 ml of 50% alcohol

Biological name: Apis Honeycomb

Plant part: Honeycomb

Manufacture: Alcohol Extraction

Origin: France

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Honeycomb extract 50%

We offer honeycomb extract twice. On the one hand, the Farfalla extract, which comes from France, and on the other hand, that Honey extract from Primavera which is also produced in France.

The upper class of the ancient Egyptians used and consumed honey. The Atlethens in Olympia knew its effect. The Germans and Celts brewed Met.

Take advantage of the powers of honey.

The effect is almost the same for both – but there are differences in fragrance. As a result, it is a matter of fragrance to decide.

From 800-850kg you get 1l essence

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

The following effects are ascribed to honey:

Physical: Skin regenerating, skin care, circulation-promoting, anti-inflammatory, supported by colds, etc.

Soulful: Soothing, relaxing, harmonizing. In addition, sleep disturbances, stress, restlessness, etc.

Ingredients: ethyl-oxate, ethyl palmitate, dibutyl phthalate, ethyl stearate

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Honeycomb Extract Essential - Characteristics for Heart and Soul. The Egyptians knew it. Olympians took it as "doping"

Honeycomb Extract Essential Oil of Farfalla

21,90 "*"