Atlas cedar organic game collection by Farfalla

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Biological name: Cedrus atlantica

Plant part: Wood

Manufacture: Steam distillation

Origin: Morocco

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Atlas cedar organic game collection

The atlas cedar belongs to the family of pine plants. (Pinanceae). The cedar is native to Lebanon and Morocco and grows at altitudes of 1000 -1800m. It is evergreen and can reach a high age of up to 35m and can be up to 2000 years old.

The real cedar wood oil, extracted from the plant Cedrus libani (Lebanon), is hardly to be found on the market. The cedar wood oil known today comes almost everything from the Atlas cedar or the Cedrus atlantica (Morocco and France). Other sources are the Cedrus deodora (Himalayan cedar), the Cedrus previfolia (Cyprus cedar) and pine family.

The essential oil made of cedar wood is considered one of the first essential oils.

Atlas cedar was the wood of kings and deities. The temple of Solomon is said to be built of cedar wood. It was one of the oils that the Egyptians used for spiritual Embalming purposes.

From approx. 33 kg of wood you get 1ltr. Essential oil

Often this fragrance is preferred by men, and the essential oil is good for use in shaving and men’s soaps.

Atlas cedar is: generally strengthening, body and mind harmonizing, relaxing, soothing, as well as wound healing, skin regenerating, disinfecting, fever-lowering, blood pressure-lowering and more.

Mixes well with bergamotte,jasmine, ylang ylang and rosemary

TIPP: Against insects mainly ticks rub 1-2 drops of Atlascedar oil on the wrists, knees and in the neck.

Also with your dog it is extremely good against ticks -ATTENTION be very economical. Dogs have one very good sense of smell! 1 drop on the shoulder joints and 1 drop on the top of the tail.

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Atlas cedar essential oil. One of the most popular male fragrances - Good against insects, even in dogs - Many special characteristics.

Atlas cedar organic game collection by Farfalla

6,90 "*"