Elecampane root essential oil of Oshadhi

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Essential oil

Component: root

Bio name: Inula racemota

Origin: India

ELIMINATION: Steam distillation

NOTE: Due to its nature, the consistency of our oils can be more or less viscous depending on the batch. To liquefy it again, it can be warmed up in a water bath over low-medium heat.

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The Grape elephant ( Inula racemosa ) is a species of the sunflower family (Asteraceae). The essential oil of elephant root is obtained from this.

It occurs from Afghanistan, Pakistan via Kashmir and Nepal to western China. In India, the elephant grows in the western Himalayas from 1500 to 4200 meters.
The Traubige Alant populates the banks of mountain streams and rivers as well as mountain meadows and pastures. The plant reaches heights of growth of up to two meters. The
Elecampane root is a treasure.

Not to be confused with elephant (Inula helenium) or (Inula gravelous) which grow in Europe and originally came from Asia.

In Asia, the grape elephant is one of the traditional medicinal plants.

FRAGRANCE COMBINATIONS with, for example: citrus scents or clove are the hit

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

The essential oil of the Alantroot is helpful:

Physical: anti-viral, expectorant and relieving in the case of coughs, runny nose and asthma, also immune-boosting, antibacterial and antifungal. In addition, antiseptic, cleansing and soothing: Can relieve skin diseases, eczema, wounds and itching. Can help with cramps and muscle pain

Emotional: works, for example. against anxiety, inner doubts and depression. Frees body and mind and also lets us breathe deeply.

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Elephant root. The scent is earthy

Elecampane root essential oil of Oshadhi

12,90 "*"

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