Alant EC-Bio Essential Oil Oshadhi

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100 pure essential oil

Botanical name: Inula graveolens

Plant part: flowers / plant

Extraction: Water vapour distillation

Origin: France

Fragrance: Head


Alant (Inula graveolens, Inula helenium) is a genus of flowering plants in the Asteraceae family. Also called Helenenkraut, Glockenwurz or Großer Heinrich.

The Alant species are mostly persistent plants, some – of more than 100 – are shrubs. The different species are of very different sizes, from tiny to high perennials that reach over 3 meters in height.


Echter Alant is native to Small and Central Asia. It is also native to Spain and also to France. Today it is grown in Germany, Holland and the Balkans. It prefers slightly moist, semi-shady locations. It is popular in societies of the subclass Galio-Urticenea and the Arction Association.

Alant is already mentioned in Egyptian papyri. In Roman-era Spain, the plant was known as ala after Isidor of Seville. He describes the root as aromatic, the leaves as sharp.

Alant today

Predominantly used part is the root (Helenii rhizoma). Alant is one of the medicinal plantsknown since ancient times. In Dioskurides and Pliny, “Helenion” is recommended for coughs, convulsions and stomach weakness

Some species have been cultivated for centuries.

The bulbous root (called rhizome) of the beautiful mini sunflower tastes just as much as iris oil smells.

Its essential oil is very precious and rare, it acts as one of the strongest vegetable mucus dissolvers. So ideal for bronchitis with firmly sedentary and sinusitis (sinus problems).

Recently it was discovered that it also has a good effect against so-called hospital germs MRSA


Mix well with Mandarine, also with herbaceous oils such as Cajeput, on top of that with spicy oils such as eucalyptus, ravintsara, and cinnamon-blaetter-biot.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.


The oil is good against respiratory diseases such as cough, cold and asthma as well anti-viral, mucous and liberating

Immune-strengthening, and antibacterial. Antiseptic, cleansing and equally sore soothing. It can also relieve skin diseases, eczema, wounds and itching.

Mental effect:

Helps with anxiety, internal doubt scare and depression. Frees body and mind from fears

Main ingredients: Bornyl acetate, Borneol, Camphene, T-Cadinol





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Alant EC-Bio Essential Oil Oshadhi

Alant EC-Bio Essential Oil Oshadhi

16,90 "*"